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Targeted Persuasion  |  206 New Bern Place  |  Raleigh, NC 27601  |  919.386.9183  |   info@TargetedPersuasion.comAdvancing your agenda. Motivating the public. Engaging the media.Public relationsSocial mediaEventsTown hallsOnline petitionsTargeted online adsWebsites/landing pagesMedia buysWe believe you can always tell your story more effectively, more broadly, and more efficiently. We are a team of aggressive, experienced communicators who will target your audience, craft the message that resonates with them, and select the right medium to deliver that message. We will work with you to set the goals of your communications strategy and then put it into action.Effectively and persuasively telling your story.In the end, it’s always about winning. We remain focused on helping you win—and nothing else.Targeted Persuasion brings together top talent in niche areas. Whether it’s strategy, grassroots campaigns, media relations, direct mail, digital, social media—or any other areas of communications—our team members are specialists in their areas. Count on top talent helping you win.Some settle for a worn-out playbook—running programs the same old way with diminishing results. We don’t settle. Do you know how advances in technology can help you win? We do. We embrace the past, but help clients succeed using today’s tools to connect and persuade—and ultimately help you win.We have worked with local, national and international organizations to design, build and execute winning communications strategies. Whether you’re an individual, a nonprofit or a business, we know how to persuade your audience. Contact us now to see how we can help you succeed.Want to know if Targeted Persuasion can help you win? Let’s talk. Say hello today.3 + 4 = ? Please prove that you are human by solving the equation *