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Lifted LogicOrganically growing your company onlineMeet the designers, developers, and support behind the magic Hover Here“SUSTAINABLE WEBSITES ARE CONSTANTLY GROWING, EVER-EVOLVING ORGANISMS. WE PLANT TREES FOR THE FUTURE, BUT HAVE TO HELP THEM GROW TODAY.”Our left-brain thinkers use handcrafted code, the latest SEO standards, and leverage technology to power your business online. Customer conversions are the focus of every website built.Our right-brain creatives use innovative, unique designs and unique ideas to capture the imagination and attention of your online audience. No themes or pre-built templates are ever used.Being found online is just a part of the battle . Giving the user a website experience they will remember is winning the war .Web Design in Kansas City ? Kansas City web design ?Web development in Kansas City? Kansas City web development? While you may think it’s six of one, half dozen the other, focusing on the incorrect keywords can cost a business dearly.SEO ,YourBrand ,AndHave neverlooked sogoodtogetherTheWebWelcome to the world of SEO , where nearly all the rules are made up and the points don’t matter. But we’re definitely SURE the next Panda and Penguin updates will make the rules of SEO in Kansas City completely clear (hardy-har).When it comes to web design in Kansas City (or was it Kansas City web design?), SEO plays an integral role in the entire process of coding and writing content for your custom website in Kansas City. Exciting, engaging content is also important to not only rating, but also user experience . We create amazing online experiences with videography , good copywriting , photography , and superb graphic design .You may be saying… “But Lifted Logic we know you’re a creative agency in Kansas City, but don’t you work with clients all around the world? Why so much focus on Kansas City?” Although we do like to flex our creative muscle across the globe, we fight to hold down our home town’s SERPS ( search position on the Googles) for web design in Kansas City, ’cause we rep our city!!! (816 to the 913s)If you could hear our Analytics consulting meetings about the difference in CTR and conversions of a Google AdWords campaign for web design in Kansas City vs Kansas City web development , you’d probably call us nerds…in which case we would graciously say, “Thank you.”Yes 🙂 We’re socialGoogle+FacebookTwitterLinkedInYoutubeConsumer Blogging in Kansas City 9:06 PM Jan 31stLocal organic seo using google placesCopyright Lifted Logic 2017. All Rights Reserved.