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Your Higher Ed ucationJob is Here.39,383 Jobsat 2,184 Institutions327 New Jobs TodayBy CategoryAdministrativeFacultyExecutiveBy LocationRegion/Metro AreaState/ProvinceCountryInstitutionBy SchoolFour-Year InstitutionsCommunity CollegesBy TypeOnline/RemoteDual CareerToday’s JobsAdjunct/Part-Timeby Richard Freeland, from The Conversation ,8/24/2017Has the position of academic president changed over the last generation of presidents? A former president of Northeastern and scholar of higher education shares his perspectives on what has – and hasn’t – changed in the role of the college president.The more open-ended an interview question is, the more candidates have opportunities to distinguish themselves. They check all the boxes, often literally through applicant tracking systems. But the seemingly easiest part of an application process, the open-ended interview questions like ‘Why do you want this job?,’ are often overlooked by candidates but critically evaluated by search committees.It seems there is no clear understanding as to what exactly a chief diversity officer does, and how that position is linked to higher education. Chief diversity officers attempt to institutionalize diversity in higher education. Rhonda Brown discusses her role as CDO and how it is ever-evolving.Career ResourcesJob Search AdviceResume/CV, cover letter, and interviewing tips to help you succeed in your higher ed job search.Salary SurveysView median salaries for hundreds of faculty, administrative, and executive positions.Higher Education Employment ReportHigherEdJobs’ quarterly report on employment trends in higher education.WebcastsRegister for upcoming webcasts or view past webcasts hosted by HigherEdJobs.Institutional ProfilesLearn more about the colleges and universities for which you’d like to work.NewsletterSign-up to receive our newsletter, the Insider Update, featuring higher education news, advice, and jobs.AboutCompanyEmployersAdvertiseContactPrivacyTermsJob Seekersjobseeker@higheredjobs.com review814-861-3080Salessales@higheredjobs.com review814-861-3080Accountingbilling@higheredjobs.com review708-848-4351Save time and get organized.Create a free account today!Connect to our 1.5 million monthly visitors.