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800-514-7456 | About us | How we workFirst let me congratulate you on the efficiency of your staff. Your team provides great services and I am really happy with their work. Keep up the good work.Read OnMD, Leading Real Estate Studio in IsraelStarted 11 years ago, offering data processing solutions, Flatworld Solutions, now offers a rainbow of specialized services across different industry verticals. These help our clients save precious time in assessing vendor capabilities, negotiating contracts and sorting out legal, compliance & SLA issues. Here’s a quick snapshot of Flatworld solutions:Flatworld Solutions has been offering customized business solutions for more than 11 years, which are as diverse as Call Center, Document Management, Engineering, Finance, Technology and Research & Analytics, with great élan. We are admired for re-engineering processes, improving quality, reducing turnaround time and maximizing profitability by increasing productivity.What makes us an ideal outsourcing partner?Being a multidimensional company, we know that each country has different area of expertise; so, we provide our customers with services from the country that executes it best. We have established multiple global delivery centers, due to following advantages:Outsourcing helps organizations execute their non-core or temporary tasks in less time and cost, without worrying about infrastructural or administrative hassles. These are just a few reasons why people outsource:Over 9000 global customers across 45 countries have outsourced their business processes to us, and the number is growing.Flatworld’s foray into Davao’s BPO sector makes news. Read the full story published in SunStar, a leading news publication in the Philippines.Avail world-class services from the pioneers having vast experience in offering photo editing services!24 hours. That’s all it will take you to figure out the cost benefits of outsourcing!The information on this website cannot be commercially used without the prior consent of Flatworld Solutions Pvt. Ltd.© 2017 Flatworld Solutions Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved.