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Elizabeth Hall Associates sets the standard for academic ghost writers and customised writing services. The original and premier UK ghost writer service prepares scripts from undergraduate through to master’s and doctoral level. We specialise in all aspects of higher degrees .We give you:Why choose us:Choose us for the things we do and the things that we don’t:* If you are a returning client this can be considerably longer.Busy professionals, high flyers who need higher qualifications for promotion or to stay still. Our successful clients include:We are a unique, specialised organization with a select list of clients. You will find that we cost more than our competitors, but we deliver a higher quality, more comprehensive, more secure and more personalised service. Quality costs, we deliver quality. At present and owing to over-subscription we are not accepting any new writers.Click on the button that best meets your needs;Academic Ghost-Writing ServicesUndergraduate, Master’s and PhD  assignments, essays, research papers, case studies, journal articles, reviews.Dissertation Ghost-Writing ServicesUndergraduate, Master’s and PhD  research proposals, literature reviews, methodologies.MBA Ghost-Writing Servicesall MBA course work; dissertations, ISPs, case studies.‘But what about…?’  You can find virtually every answer to any query at How It Works/FAQs.  If not e mail us on info@elizabethhall.com or telephone us on 0044 121 454 5874 and speak with the PALO on DutyGo to About Us  to find out more.Prospective Associates (7/10) At present we have no vacancies for writers.Welcome to Elizabeth Hall AssociatesPlagiarism proof scripts . Unique, customised writing prepared for you to your specifications. We never re-use work , the copyright is yours. We do not need to offer you a payment guarantee of ‘ £1000 if caught’ – we know if you are caught you lose your degree. In fifteen years our work has never been detected.Safety. Our unique Registration System ensures best match between you and your writer and gives you both complete security.Quality assurance . We submit every commission for verification before despatch.Delayed payment. You have 14 days to pay (longer if a returning client)You see before you pay. We ask for no money upfront.Free amendments if not meeting your brief. See FAQsYour own personalised contact .Your Personal Academic Liaison Officer (PALO) to liaise with your writer/researcher and make sure your experience with us is smooth, problem free and highly satisfactory.We always deliver to time……. We never default nor ever let you down at the last minute(We don’t offer you your ‘money back’ ifwe miss your deadline because in fifteenyears we have never missed a deadline .But every week we are contacted by at least tenpeople who have been let down by another  ghostwritingsite on a deadline for work they have already paidfor) We never miss deadlines and you don’tpay until you have the work – and even thenyou have 2 weeks to pay *We only use UK based English native speaking writers who are present or former academics in post who are known to us and whose CVs we trust (Test us out, e mail us and apply to write for us. We receive many enquiries each week from people who want to work for us. Check out the CVs we require) Other sites use freelance writers, non UK writers and students, that’s how they can charge you so little for a script.We always deliver you a fully edited, proof–read and fully referenced script using academic texts and journals. We do not pad your script with glossaries from Wikipedia or other unacknowledged websites, as other ghostwriting sites do.We never leave you open to accusations of plagiarism because every word, every sentence is written for you and never used again.  We do not ‘copy and paste’ or draw on any databanks . Each commission is fully customised and unique.We never despatch a commission until we know it is the required standard and more . We never take the writer’s word for you that ‘it’s good’. All scripts are verified (quality control) before being sent to you.We offer a realistic rate for the job. We know we are more expensive than the others and we are proud of it because we know what they offer is not feasible. (The cost calculator of one site offers a 20,000 word master’s dissertation with 100 references within 24 hours for less than £2k!) Be sensible, GET REAL! High quality academic ghostwriting is not cheap….but do you really want the expense of those cheap sites? Failed grades, re-taken modules, deferred submissions…. and then there are the accusations of plagiarism, disciplinary boards and losing your  degree, the one you may already have and all your aspirations for the future…….    All this you risk by using some sitesSenior business executives in the UK and abroadDoctors and Healthcare Professionals“I’d been recommended by someone I knew – she was an academic herself incidentally so I assumed she knew what she was talking about – to use a ghost writer when I hit problems at work.  But she also told me to avoid the essay mill companies and the ones that promise you the earth tomorrow for next to nothing where you’re likely to get a poor quality script full of repetitions and cut and pastes – if you get it all. I’ve heard of people who’ve been stung like that. Thank goodness I went where I did, they were always available and helpful, but more important a company with integrity and high standards. It was worth the investment”