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BUSINESS HOURS // MONDAY-FRIDAY // 8AM-5PM CTWhy worry, when you can use our editing and proofreading services? Our clientsexperience:Acceptance Into Top-Ranked ProgramsWe make your document the best it can be through expertediting, proofreading, feedback, revision and critique.We have been doing that since 2008 by offering to ourgrowing list of more than 4,000 satisfied clients:Exceptional Editing, Proofreading, Revisionand Critique;Dedicated and Wide-Ranging Expertise; andDirect Access to Our Team of Full-Time,In-House Editors.Looking for acorporate account ? Below is just a small sampling of theorganizations that trust DLA Editors & Proofers with their most critical documents.You are not just another customer, and your document is not justanother manuscript. We take your work personally. Our editors are hand picked, tested rigorously and dedicated to getting itright and on time.We are a team of dedicated, in-house editors with 50+ years’ combined experience.If you have more than 3,000 words, we’ll edit the first 300 words for FREE!”DLA Editors & Proofers provided a tremendous service to me as an author and as a client. Between the personalphone calls and the editor comments I received, I really felt they cared …”SERVICESPRICINGFAQABOUTRESOURCESCONTACTPrivacy PolicyTerms & ConditionsPermissionsSitemap¬© 2008- 2017DLA Editors & Proofers